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Cycling tours in Brașov

If you are looking for cycling tours in Brașov you’ve come to the right place. Situated in the center of Romania, Brașov is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and therefore offers a lot of possibilities for cycling tours. Take a bike and explore the wild nature on one of the numerous trails nearby, discover beautiful unpaved roads perfect for cross country cycling enthusiasts and combine all these for a wonderful experience.


If you are interested, you can watch the majestic Carpathian brown bears in their natural habitat by participating on a bear watching experience in one of the many specially designed bear hides.

For those of you who want easier rides, Brașov has plenty of flat roads that lead you to many beautiful fortified Saxon churches. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Prejmer Fortress, the Hărman fortified church or the Râșnov citadel. If you want a more challenging road, climb up to the ruins of the Heldenburg fortress situated near the village of Crizbav.

If you like bird watching, you can choose a cycling tour to see the lakes from Rotbav and Dumbrăvița, which is also called ”The Carpathian Delta”. Nearby, you can visit the oldest and most important fortification built by the teutons in Transylvania, the Feldioara citadel.

If you fancy cooler places, near Brașov there are plenty of fortified Saxon churches. You can find these in Sânpetru, Hărman, Bod, Hălchiu, Codlea, Ghimbav, Vulcan, Râșnov, Cristian. They are also very cheap to visit and to get to. Except Sânpetru, Bod and Hălchiu, they all can be visited by taking the train. You can also take your bike for a small fee which is around 1 Euro. And the train ticket for you is cheap too! It shouldn’t be more than 2-3 Euro. But we recommend a cycling tour to these destinations.

Also, if you want to hike, the mountains nearby offer a lot of possibilities for beginners but also for the more experienced. For a short and easy hike, you can climb up to the Tâmpa mountain, situated right near the Brașov city center or you can go around it and reach its top from where you will see a beautiful panorama of the city. Also, take the cable car up to the Postăvaru mountain and relax at the Postăvaru Chalet, where you can find the famous biscuit salami and tasty cold beer. For a cold shower, visit ”Canionul 7 Scări” or ”Seven Ladders Canyon” în Dâmbu Morii, just a couple of kilometers away from Brașov. From here, you can take one of the most spectacular zip lines in Romania. And it costs only around 10 Euro. Speaking about zip lines, don’t miss the adventure park in Noua neighborhood where you can go across a lake on the longest zip line in Brașov.

Besides all these, there are tens of other opportunities for everyone: cycling tours, routes, hiking trails in Bucegi mountains, Piatra Craiului mountains, Postăvaru mountains, Baiului mountains, climbing, via ferrata, explore caves in speleology tours in Brașov, go fishing in one of the many lakes around Brașov, bear watching in the Carpathians, discover Brașov on a cultural tour and many more, even in Covasna and Harghita regions.

Contact us for more details. We will help you discover Brașov like never before.

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